About Zouk Elements

Organizers of ZoukLand & Zouk Elements Festival, have performed and taught Cultural Partner Dance in several festivals, weekends and regular courses in Europe, Middle East and Sri Lanka since 2012.

We bring out the passionate & soulful dancer in you.

We are from all cultures, religions, experience and dance backgrounds across the globe.

We spread our love and passion for dance, music and the natural elements through our Work=Dance=Life.

Community Overview

Zouk Elements Global is a team of dedicated, devoted and passionate Zouk dancers, teachers, choreographers, performers, music producer & DJs too.


Kraken Andopé

Artül Çan Andopé

Viktoryia Vinnikava

Sevindzh Mustafaeva

Sol Malones

Rohit Sk

Reem Al

Salim Ali

Diana Perera

Indika Perera

Founding date

25 January 2014

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