About Zouk Elements

Artül+Kraken, Co-Founders of Zouk Elements, organizers of ZoukLand Festival, have performed and taught Zouk Lambada and FlowBody in several dance festivals and weekends in the Europe, Middle East and Sri Lanka since 2012. In order to spread their love for dance, they travel abroad and continue developing themselves as teachers and as dancers.

They are passionate about how dance, music and the elements can help people achieve a deeper connection into ones-body.

* What is FlowBody? *

It is a process of where the individual expands their awareness of their own body through movements, breathing and intricate contortions of the body. The Flow generated from this session aids in Brazilian Zouk starting from your toes to head, hips, spine, chest to neck/head/hair.

Zouk Elements Global Team:

Kraken Andopé

Artül Andopé

Viktoryia Vinnikava

Sevindzh Mustafaeva

Sol Malones

Rohit Sk



Zouk Elements is a team of dedicated, devoted and passionate Zouk dancers, teachers, choreographers, performers, music producer & DJs too ;)

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Artül+Kraken travel the world to share our love and passion ;)

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